Monday, July 19, 2010


Why i am blogging right here, right now?For the main purpose, once a day when i am married with a guy i love, and we have our own children. i wanted to share out my past to them. To let them know what silly things that i did before, what special things that i had , what mistake i had done at my past. I couldn't remember every moment in my life, so i decided to blog it to let my grandchildren to read it.So, sometimes when i free, i will read back the older post to recall back what i had done at the past, what the special things go through in my life.I can make it for permanent memory, but not temporary memory. I am human, of course i will get old , my memory will slowly degenerate. This is the way to let me recall back the past. Blogging is like diary, record the things you had been through.Futhermore, Blogging is also the place for me to express my feeling. That's why, i love to blogging.

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