Friday, July 23, 2010


Actually today i wanna blog about chooi han's birthday , but there is lack of photo in my comp. So, i decided to delay it to other post. Stay tuned. Alot nice photo are waiting you to see them!! By the way, i wanna to wish her Happy Belated Birthday right here ,right now. I think this year should be her memorable birthday, a big big "surprise" for her.You(Chooi Han) know what i mean if you're reading my blog.I wish you all the best in your study, of course have a good health too! A boring Fri-Day, i wish to have some activities, but no activities for me to attend.Damn boring wey.Since got nothing to do, i watched taiwan drama again. I loves to watch drama~ especially Taiwan drama and Hong Kong drama. I had addicted to dramaS since i am 15 years old. =) My eyes feel so tired after watching a few hours drama. Oh ya, forgot to intro the drama tim. The drama that i watched today is Calling for love, in chinese we called it as 呼叫大明星which acted by taiwan-Mike He(贺军翔) and Hongkong-Ah Sa(one of twins member). I got not much to write about it because this is a very normal love drama. You can watch this if you do really got the time to watch. The story is quite interesting.

P/s:Special Thanks to Chia yee who helped me download the dramaS!

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