Monday, July 5, 2010

2nd Home

Yea, today came back to kampar to continue my life at here.This is a fact, I must stay at here by myself and no family at here. Without their protect, I must learn how to protect myself.Yeah, that's true!I knew I am not very pro in protecting myself, keep on fall down or accidently hit something. My skin is just like a "Glass Skin", if accident hit something, my skin will injured(Black Green). So, i must becareful on everything, even walking also must be slowly.Ok~ let me share out what is going on just now.Yesterday i was at KL sentral to wait the train to Kampar at 9.45pm.First, i sat the train to KL sentral from Telok gadung train station.The clock was showing 8.01pm at that time and the train to kl sentral was at 8.13pm. The train was delayed and i don't know what time the train is coming.The clock is showing 8.20pm already, but the train is still haven't come yet. I started panic. I scare i miss the train to Kampar and i had morning class on today.Tick Tock tick tock, yeah, times runs~ the train finally arrive at 9.24pm. Phew~ Scare me!After that, me and lin yun went in to the train and wait the train to start the journey to Kampar. Of course, i am not willing to go back Kampar and i might hoping i am staying at Klang untill the next morning.=) heee! What's happen next? Ngek ngek ngek? The train stopped at somewhere else i don't know where is it. The place quite near to the slim river station. Me and lin yun was wondering why the train stopped so long all the time since one hour ago. "No petrol kuaa" I said. Yeah, i am right, train no petrol!~ hahaha. The other train came and rescue us? They put in the petrol and settle everything. Finally, the train move!!We suppose reach kampar at 12am midnight but we reach here almost 2am.See? Their service and system is so sucks! Why they don't just check everything before the journey start? No choice, Malaysia mahh~ Siennn

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