Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No mode(mood)

Tomorrow is my mid term test for accounting. But i still haven't touch the notes yet.Sei lor sei lor.Not because of i feel confident in this test, is because i don't have the mood to study.hahaha. I am always like this, thats why my mark like that.Bull shit marks! So? What should i do? What Jian Le said is right, he wish he got a switch on his body which got study, normal,and play mode.So that he can in study mode for a longer time. Of course, i wish have the switch too!Just now, Jia Yi fetched me to train station to buy train ticket.
I am going back this Friday.Feel so happy that can meet my family soon on this coming Friday. I miss the Baby(Yi Zhou) alot too!
So yeng huh ??
Jie Jie~ When you coming back? Hope to see you again to give me mumm mumm~~

P/s:Continue clicking the nuffnang adv per day~your click is much appreciate.

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