Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Child's Eye

Last Sunday, we went for a movie called Child's eye which directed by Pang's brother which we usually called it as 彭氏兄弟 in chinese. The actor who are included in this movie are Rainie yang(杨丞琳), Shawn Yue(余文乐), Elanne Kwong (江诺琳) and 2 more person(i forgot called what name dy) They speak in cantonese in the movie and rainie yang is the one who speak in mandarin. =) Let's start the movie..
Stranded in Thailand due to political rebellion and closure of airport. Rainie and her friends were unable to return home-Hong Kong. Unwillingly, they stayed in an aged and shabby hotel. Among them is Rainie’s almost-breakup boyfriend, Lok, Ling and her brother Rex and Ciwi with her beloved boyfriend, Hei.

From the moment they checked into the hotel, they came across three odd children and a puppy. As strange and sinister things start to happen, they begin disappearing one after another…When they are ordering their meal for their lunch, strange things had happen. They are 6 person but there are extra order among them. And the chair beside rainie yang keep moving...What did she saw? Guess yourself.
The 2 kids faint. xD
After that, the guys are missing and left the girls only. They feel nervous when they could not find their partner. One of the kid told them the story of the motel and rainie yang went to find a guy called "quan".
The kid with puppy bring them to find their partner...Oh yeah, you wanna know what's happen? go watch it. =)Yu man lok very handsome right? hahha. Interesting sound effect and bull shit ending~~ =) Go and watch it if you are interesting in this horror movie.

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