Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For sure.

I am so hate to stay here- Kampar and i don't wish to come back so earlier every monday. But i forced to come back to the dead town to continue my study here. Regardless how much i hate here, for sure i will miss here so much once a day when i leave utar. So, i need to appreciate what i am having now at here. Try my best to enjoy my study life here. Although sometimes i really feel that got fire burn me up here *hot weather*.Before i come to utar, my parent told me the weather of the kampar will be very cooling. I was so happy when i heard that! Sign... i always like to ask my parent, do you think Kampar is a cooling place? Why the place can be so hot? Their answer always will be the same. The mountain of the Cameron had block the wind which suppose to blow to Kampar. This is just my mum analysis, i don't know true or not?! So, don't take it as the answer. Maybe she's right. =) I am going to end my post here. I am tired!! Good nights readers!

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