Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sei loh!

Muet is coming real soon and yet i am still not yet prepare. Oh jesus! I forgot to bring back my muet exercise book and its at Kampar. Luckily, my cousin-Eng wei who already took the exam and he willing to borrow me his book. Thankss alot man! Oh yeahh, i am worrying about my speaking section because my english is poor enough to speak broken english but not proper english. I am worrying!!! Ish. What should i do? I need some help peeps! =(

Hey ya, finally the drama is end!! Can't buy love which called as 公主嫁到had totally finished! =) Just watch the drama till the end just now. It is a Funny drama, if you do really feel sad at the time, watch this, will cheer you up~~

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