Friday, October 1, 2010


Went to sungkai last 2 day, and this is the second time i went there for hot spring.There is the place who let us relax our whole body. Sounds great right? We are going to boil the egg there. Guess what, we forgot to bring "kicap". =.=On the same day, i going back to klang too. So, this must be very rush right? Not really rush, I tumpang chow yap's car going back klang and Thank to him who willing to fetch me home. =) Where's sungkai actually? Is at Bidor which famous with duck mee~

Just now i mentioned that we forgot to bring kicap right? See, we get it from where~ hahaha
We reached Sungkai, and we played cold water first. Because the sun is so bright and hot enough. The place to boil water.Itulah kicap.
I am WET!Hot spring.The couple.
It's the time for us to leave. Good bye

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