Monday, October 18, 2010

The days.

Hey, handsome and pretty! So sorry for being so long never update my blog. =)I am lazy to update my blog~~~Forgive me please. Let the news become the beginning, Mcd had available in Kampar already, so that i no need to suffer the food at here. *Peace*

Okay, let's move on to Gua Tempurung~Gua tempurung is the place to let us adventure. Is a mountain hole*direct translate* xD And we need to prepare the stuff before went there for adventure. A torch light( is a must), A pair of sport shoes( if got tali shoes more good), extra cloth and pants, a pair of slipper and towel. Don't bring those important stuff such as handphones or camera. If you persist to bring it, you must take a good care of it. Or not your handphone and camera will Rip very soon. =)
Our members who going to gua tempurung: Me, Lin Yun, Apple, Chia Yee, Jia Yi and Choon Yong.
There are divided into 4 kind of package. Depending how the adventure you want. We choose the grand tour for our adventure which is more challenging one!
Well, just now i mention before, if persist to bring handphone or camera, you must take the good care of it. Buy the plastic bag which is sell from counter. My friend-Chia Yee and Choon Yong bring the handphones inside and thanks to them who help us capture alot of nice photo, although my face is not really pretty inside the photo . hahahaha. At the very first, we need to walk though the staircase about 300+ kua~ i didn't count it hahaha. When walking the staircase, i feel got little bit "pening" because the staircase was too many and is slant enough!!! Need to careful in every steps!!
The half way of the adventure.
We need some light!!!
Let the photo draw my post. I got little bit lazy to type the words~ haha
See her face~~
The stone is shinning~ Could you see that?
This one like brain!
Ignore my face. hahaha
Finally reach? No, this is the half way only, still have 1 and the half hour to go! ==

Yeah, i know my shirt is Large enough for me. Ignore it!
5 of us.
6 of us
Our Butt!!! =)
The gang who walk infront of us.
While waiting the rest one to climb up!

This is the video. Ignore the green shirt one and the voice too!! hahaha

I would like to share out my experience here, there are few climbs is very difficult, I almost drop down from the rocks and luckily the worker who working at there hold me a hand, so that i never drop down from the rocks. They have no safety belt provided, you must be careful all the steps you are stepping. This is tough enough for me maybe? hahah you guys can go it have a try. This is FUN!

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