Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Susy? Susi? NO, it is Sushi.

11/10/2010 (Monday)
Went to sing k at Abox who located at Kampar. Yeah, there is always the "Lauya" one compare to greenbox or even Neway~But no choice, we need to find the activities at Kampar since we got really nothing to do at here. A very dead town for me. *Sad* But i am sure that i will miss here once day i leave Kampar. =) The food over here or maybe the boring life over here. *cheers*. Okay, i should stop crapping here already. Hee! The Sushi King promotion start from today and i guess we are going to eat tonight, went to tesco and they changed their mind to eat KFC. *disappointed face* Oh yeahh~~ Nevermind, I still got few days to eat because the promotion is from 11th-14th october. =) Cannot sleep well tonight because of the muet test. I am panic before the day comes. Oh yeah~insomnia!!!

12/10/2010 (Tuesday)
Woohoo~~ Muet Muet~~~~ The title is motivation, and i am the one who talk about friends motivate us to study. As my though, i am panic and my brain is Blank~~but luckily i still can handle it at tast A, but task B~~~~ i very kelam kabut. Thanks to those who help me in the task B. After the muet test, we went for ipoh parade to shopping. Bought love in disguise at a CD shop and the CD costs me RM18.00. =). I though they went ipoh to eat sushi king, but they wanted to eat MCD. =.= I hope to eat sushi at the moment but.. they...... *super disappointed*. That's all for the day~

13/10/2010 (Wednesday)
Finally~~ today having sushi king as my Lunch.
Can you see that? Alot people q-ing outside the sushi. Yeah, guess what's the time now? It's 1.15pm. Oh~~ lunch hour !!!!
We are the last one when q-ing. No one behind us. =( I am willing to wait because i do really wanted to eat sushi since few days ago.
They are busying preparing the sushi~
I am full~ could not eat anymore. =( Around 4 something, there's no one waiting outside. Oh~ jesus!!! I am sleepy right now and let me end up my post here. See you around in Kampar, guys!

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