Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Notty

Actually i was plan to buy a digital camera for myself, because i can capture any photo i want and its easy to bring out too. But then my brother gave me his camera. The camera is already very old model, it is Dsc- H5 sony~ Since i got not-so-pro in photography, so i just accept the camera. I though he will give me the small digital camera like usual one but then, it is big enough for me to bring out lehh.=.=

Watched Detective Dee yesterday with the guys, a very interesting movie for my daddy and mummy but not for me i think. I feel the movie so so only.Hahaa. Sorry for saying that. Shop around the sunway pryamid but end up didn't buy anything for myself , because i can't find a suitable shoes for myself and a Bag too! =( Anywayz thanks for the guy who fetch me all the way to sunway pryamid, even though i know i am accompany him to shopping. xD

Besides, today my mum wanted to go out for gathering, she call me to be babysitter for few hours again. Of course, i won't reject and i promise her to take the best care to the baby. =) The baby is so bloody notty. When my mum just went out, he starts shitting already. =.=!!! This time, i not as you though, sweating around and kelam kabut. Today, i help him clear the shit in 5 minits. Fast huh? As fast as professional. *Sombong me*

Didn't sleep well yesterday night, because of chatting with someone till very late*you know who you are* Not enough sleep lehh haha, but quite enjoy chatting with you. Lols. Already use to it chat with you every nights. =.=

Wey, i am hungry right now, my mum said she will buy mcdonald for me as my lunch and yet she still havent come back. =.=My stomach is opening a band now!!! =( *Sad*, i think i should stop here already. Bye peeps!

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