Monday, October 25, 2010

She and her.

This should be a very random post for birthday celebration. Since form 2, i met up a girl which is very cheerful and friendly. I am a transfer student from Raja Zarina. I feel the new school is so strange. No one make friend with me, i feel so lonely and regret to transfer to the new school. Who knows my feeling? Even my parents also though i am happy with my school. Yeah, god knows. He did a very true choice. He gave me a gang of friend. They automatic come and make friends with me especially HER- LeeLian. As you know, i hate the lonely feeling and i am shy to meet new friends because the place is really strange enough for me. I don't want to being lonely and i started to make myself active, keep all up my shyness. So now you could see what person i am? A MONKEY!! Ok, i should stop posting my silly story again. Let's start. Actually, HER birthday was held at Today which is oct 25. And HER boyfriend who plan that help HER to celebrate her birthday a little bit earlier since Today(Monday) we are not really free to celebrate HER birthday. We suppose to gather at hock house at 7pm sharp and because of some reason, we delay the time. After that, we went to HER house to give her a surprise and SHE don't know i am already back to Klang. Hee. Around 8 something, we went to Pj to eat and i forgot what the restaurant name. Sorry! The guys were playing cards and we girls was chit chatting over there. Besides, we went to a "Tong sui pou" to have our dessert and the shop name called Ktc Food-记得食. I ordered a mango ice for myself and its delicious!!! The mango is fresh enough. I will go it for the second time if someone willing to fetch me. =) Thanks to Han wei to bill our dessert and the driver- Tunsean. Unfortunately, Tun sean's car was bang to the tiang and infront of his car was "kemek" =.=!! Sorry, i do not have any photo about the celebration. Before i end my post, i would like to say happy birthday to Chern Lee Lian, wish all your dreams you wanted to come true, and appreciate what are you having now!!! Stay pretty always!

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