Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My mum went out to do something today and i forced to stay at home to be babysitter. Not as you thought, i am not wearing those babysitter uniform and the hat too~~hahahaha. Ops, i forgot to introduce the baby. His name called EEJO. =) what a special name. haha. Around 2 something, my mum havent come back yet..and something happened. EEJO pang sai!!!! Ish.Today is the first time to help EEJO clean the shit. So smelly wey!!! Tat's why people say Mummy is the greatest one in the world. =) Everyday see my mummy help Eejo to clean the shit like so easy, but you do it only feel so difficult. Notty Eejo keep move here and move there. Luckily got wet tissue, if not i think my hand will kena the shit. O.O Conclusion, I am happy because i learned something today. Hee!

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