Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yesterday, we went to sungai wang for a walk, and Tun sean be the driver. Thanks to him who fetch us safety to there. When step out from my house, baby keep shouting at me to bring him out, but i cannot bring him out ,because i need to shopping. hAhaha. Pity him.
So long that i didn't take photo already, of course i won't run the opportunity to take photo with my friend(wan xuan) in the car while waiting Tun sean to buy something.
What are they actually doing?
Had lunch at Madam Wong cafe who introduced by Hock. The food is quite delicious and not very costly. I think i will go the second time. *Peace* I am quite lazy to type words here. So, let the photo draw on my post. hahahDon't show your butt here please~ I had find this kind of "Ali Baba Style" pants since 2 month ago, and finally i found it at sungai wang. It's cost me Rm39.90 bucks! *Heart pain*.

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