Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pop out day.

Yeah, i am 19th years old already. This is a fact and i need to accept it from now onwards. I don't like 19 but 18. LOL. Anywayz, i gonna share out how i pass my 19 years old birthday. Nothing special this year. Is still the same, never grow up abit taller also. I am actually not enjoy my birthday this year maybe because of 19. i got no mood to celebrate my ownself birthday and i forced to stay at kampar to pass my 19th birthday. Sad case. I wanted to go back to Klang, just simple celebrate with my family, it is so much better than Kampar. =(
First, i wanted to say thank you to Chow yap. He's the first one to help me celebrate my birthday. Thank you so muchiiee~

My second cake.XD
My gang in Kampar who celebrate my birthday ~Thanks lot

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