Friday, September 17, 2010


I should update this outing post on yesterday, due to my laziness, i postpone to today. This is a very random outing post with girls. Some of them couldn't join us because they need to prepare their final exam. They couldn't join us for the activities, but they join us for lunch. They are sometimes so sweet enough!=) So great to have this kind of friends! If 2012 really comes, i guess i have no regrets on friendships. So, let's move on to the photo.
First, let me introduce who is she. She, names Josephine. We knew each other since secondary school- form 2. She used to be so sweet sometimes. A very great person that i ever met before. And ya, she become prettier than last time already. xD She is still available.She, names Wan qi. She stay at jenjarom. She is a "Dai gar jie" in our gang. If got any problem, we can go find her for help.
The girl on the left hand side, she is hui san. So regret that i didnt take photo with her. Forget jor! =( hahaha.
LeeLian, i think she is the one who always take photo wif me. Nothing much to say about her. And i am so envy the pants that she was wearing. =( I want to buy it.
5 of us. Actually got 6 girls. Her name call wan xuan, she cannot join us for lunch because of some reason. I hope we can gather again some another day when i am back to klang. Muacks!!!

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