Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Moon cake festival.

Happy Mooncake festival everyone! Some of them call it as Happy Mid-Autumn Festival too.
See the picture above, as you can see, in 21st century, we can make alot of cop , even starbuck logo too. Really sweat.
Yesterday night was a very boring night, so i invite some of my friend to play Jenga. The game is not special but the punishment is interesting.Yeepeeeyaya!
Oh yea, A&W is available in kampar from now to Monday. Had A&W as my dinner dey!The burger for me is So so only la, because of my hungryness, i finished it in around 15 minutes. And for those who loves to drink root beer, please don't buy it from there, because the root beer no taste one, not sweet enough.My food~Deng deng~ not enough sweet.. don't buy. xD

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