Thursday, September 23, 2010

Penang, here i come!

Chow yap(Yuan He) came kampar yesterday to do some important staff. And in the evening, he called me out for lim teh. I got so-long-time never see him already, of course i didn't reject him and he came my hostel to fetch us. Besides that, i suggest to go vegas have a meal because there is the most famous shop in new town kampar and the cost is reasonable enough. He is brave enough to drive here from sungai long and he seriously don't know the road to kampar, but then he reached kampar safety. How clever he is. Chow yap! your name is appear in my blog. How LUCKY you are!
Played jenga with lin yun yesterday night. This is the highest block that we ever had before. How lucky we are! Lin yun~ gimme 5!!!*actually, this wan is the fake one*
Next, i am going to Penang to attend the concert which is loud fest asia. The concert is held on tomorrow 8pm, at penang auto city.The purpose of attend this concert is because i wanted to see yoga lin which his chinese name called as 林宥嘉。I love his voice to the max. Seriously, if i close my eyes, i will get into the situation when he was singing. Just like, 你是我的眼,背影 and alot more. He was so enjoy when singing on the stage. He got his style wey! =) Although he was not handsome enough, but his voice is really awesome. If you still don't know him yet, go to the search engine to search him now. I won't tell lies~ He is AWESOME! and i hope i will enjoy the concert although i need to stand whole day, but its worth!!! And guess what, he is the second beloved singer for me and of course, leehom always be the first one.
End up this post with his photo. My beloved Yoga Lin(林宥嘉).

p/s:I think i will not update my blog these few days. So, stay tuned. Keep follow up with me. =) i will bring you to the concert. Haha!

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