Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hell yea!

Yeah, i didn't type wrong words. I am scolding HELL YEA right here right now. What should i do in this boring week? The time table would release on next week and i got nothing to do here in kampar. Sad case. =( And ya, guess what, my hostel cannot connect to the connection which i am using my friend's connection.*hit my forehead* Billion of sorry dey, i really can't live without connection. By the way, just now i went to FGO office to settle my stuff which is add up the lan units subject. That's mean , i am going to take 2 subject in 3 month. Sounds "great", is a long semester. Oh yea, i am going to join the helper group in jan intake orientation, if anyone joining, please tell me. *Clap hand*. I need a part time job. If not i will waste my time here. Eh, wait a minutes, oh my god, i almost forget about my MUET test. The date is coming nearer and nearer and i did nothing? *hit my forehead again* Going to look through the MUET exercise book. So, see you guys around.Bye~

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