Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shout out my Lung!

I hope my mum awill stay beside me to support me to the max from today to the next tuesday, but is impossible. I want to tell her what's the pressure feeling inside me. More often people will called it as Stress. Sometimes, i feel wanted to suicide myself to avoid the stress, but i rejected it from my mind because i cannot be so stupid to end up my life like this . Since got no mummy beside me, there is still got alot places to let me expressed my feeling which is my lovely bloggiee.I wanted to shout out the feeling inside me! I do really hate stressful life! i hate stressful life alottttts!!! What i often heared the news that people suicide themselve in alot of way, which is jump down from building, hanging their neck or even more and more ways. This is because of the stressful. Stress of study? Yea, for student. Stress of work? Yea, for workers or even Boss. The stressful is included in our life. We cannot Shoo it out from our life. On the other hand, stressful makes life more interesting. I agree with that. Stressful is the energy that can push us to the front. But, for now,
Sorry for being so stupid shouting at here. I need to release my stress here. Bloggie is always the best place for me to express my feeling. Thanks bloggiee!

p/s: I didn't sleep well on last night =( God, Please give me some energy !!

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