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Here we go.

Hey handsome and pretty, long time no see! How are you? Everything is fine for me here. And i am gonna start crapping around here. Thanks for giving out some time to view my blog. =)This should be a long post and i am gonna share about my trip in Penang. Hope you'll enjoy reading. =)

24/09/2010(Day 1)
First of all, i wanted to introduce the girl of the day~Soh Ying Ying.Deng deng deng deng, she is the one who going to penang to attend the concert" Loud Fest Asia" to see her beloved idol- Yoga Lin. Oh ya, another girl of the day~Ng Lin Yun. I wanted to say thank you to her to accompany me to attend the concert, although i know she's not really wanted to go there.We are following Jeff to go back because his hometown is at butterworth. Our bus actually start the journey at 7.30pm, but then, he was late. Damn bloody hell? *Hit my forehead*Okay fine~I was sleeping in the bus. Nothing to say about. So, SKIP!
We reached butterworth around 11 something. And Jeff suggest to bring us go eat tom yam. He say the tom yam is very famous, and we decide to take a try on it. See, alot people was waiting inside there and the order is keep increasing but not decreasing. There is actually no seat for us and we need to wait for the seat. So, let's wait!!! Although i am hungry, but i am willing to wait. =)
My comment to the food is, quite delicious. The soup is sweet and is spicy enough. Me and lin yun keep sweating and the tears keep dropping on our face instead jeff was enjoying eating his tom yam . =.= Yeah, penang's people love spicy so much , and they not scare of spicy at all. They just simply add on the sambal or even chilli on their soup with a big spoon. =.=
Of course, jeff bring his friends out also! And i got new friends again. Muahahhah!! Sorry, i am a forgetful person. I not really remember what's their name instead i can recognize them by their face. lols. Oh yeah, great to know that the white shirt guy. He can just simply imitate Jam Hsiao which chinese name called as 萧敬腾. Great! *Clap hand*

25/09/2010(Day 2)
In the morning, jeff bring us to a shop who famous in taste which is loh mee. Loh mee, can say is my second favorite food. I damn happy that i can eat it and taste it in penang. =)
The taste is simply delicious, and i love it since the taste is far different from klang. hee~Woots!!!
I am boring in the car, i took out my camera to ss while on the way to a shopping mall- sunway carnival. If i am not mistaken. =)
We watched the legend of the guardians-the owl of ga' hoole 3d that day. The owl is cute enough and let me feel wanted to own it as my pet. Hahaha.Jeff= the driver of the day~ After that, around 5pm something, we went to autocity to attend the concert although i know the concert is start from 8pm, but somehow i wish to reach there earlier to find a nice spot for me to enjoy the concert. Guess what's happen next? Look at the sky, the sky just turn dark. oh no~ Yeah ,raining like cats and dogs. zzzzz!! Luckily, the concert haven't start yet. We stayed at Subway to have our so call dinner while waiting the rain to stop.
I pray to the god to tell him/her do not rain later.
The god seems like hear it what i say, the rain is getting smaller and smaller and finally the rains stop. The blue sky appear. The wind just simply hit on my face and i feel so comfortable, at the same time, i feel so cold enough. *har chiu*
The people is q-ing up and the q is long as a snake. Before that, my brain is showing that. Not as my though, the q is not long enough and just a few people waiting outside there. urgh. We went in with our rock zone ticket and simply stand infront at the gate there. Before the rock zone, there is a magnum zone, follow by vip zone. According to the information, the vip zone is not for fans but for sponsor partner. The vip zone have chair to sit but the others zone do not have.The rock zone ticket is quite far from the stage and i got little bit disappointed. =(Who knows i met my friend at there and he gave me 3 magnum zone ticket and we can just upgrade to magnum zone from rock zone. Yeahhh!!! Billions thanks to him~Yeahh!!!!
The sky is getting darker and darker. The concert is starting soon. The people is increasing now! yeahhhhThis is the vip zone. They have chair to seat. So envy!!The concert is start! The first artist is 萧闳仁(xiao hong ren). He is from malaysia. His voice not bad huh~
The second artist, 仁青. She is from China (西藏xi zhang)I cannot talk more about her because I not really know her. If you wanted to know more about this artist, you can go search engine to search about her. Her high key is awesome. *thumbs up*Third artist, 龙军, from china also. Not very clear about him. hahaha.
Let's move to the next, 曾国辉. His voice not bad, and he is quite famous in malaysia. Good good~
forth~ By2, they are from singapore. I love her song so much. Unfortunately, when their turn, the sky cried agains~ I forced to hide somewhere else to avoid the rain and the photo might be very blur. Because of the rain, i missed out the photo which is 朱浩仁. Sorry for that.
hahaha, Muahahah, the rain stops again later and we upgrade ourselves to vip zone. We have seat already! yeah! *To know why, please meet me at real life, i will tell you the truth*
Is Lala's turn~~
Da Monster.
My beloved Yoga~~~~Woots, he's not really handsome but at that moment, i feel that he is so handsome. =.= Although he forget some lyrics, but he did really make the situation high~Woots! I looked at him with the nearer distance. Swt. His face is sooooooooo smooth. =) I love you yoga lin. Muacks!!!
I am so lucky to take this photo. =)
After that, the last artist of the day, Soda green!!!Qing feng~ i just simply love his voice. =)I met some new friends at there too~ =)
After the concert, jeff bring us to eat dinner+supper. This is curry mee and the up there one is lobak( klang called it as gor hiong). Yummy Yummy~~Just wanted to show off my ticket, although i know you all are not jealousing.

26/09/2010(Day 3)
Jeff bring us to eat again. ahahah. This time is my favorite food- Prawn mee( penang people called it as hokkien mee). Weyyyyyyy....DAMN BLOODY NICE lerr hahaha. I just take the camera simply capture here and capture there. And i heared something, one of the stall uncle say to another stall uncle. They speak in hokkien ,but i translate to english.
Their conversation:
Uncle A: Hey, say cheese to them and peace to them.They maybe from guang ming's newspaper writer.
Uncle B: *Smilee and look at me somemore...*

I smile to them and back to my seat. LOLsFamous hokkien mee.
We heading to gurney to shopping and this is the penang bridge.
Before shopping, we went to buy something to my friends. I hear my friend said, the restoran open till very late. Alot people stay there till very very night. *sounds like pub*Gurney~
Nice or not? xD=D
They are my new friends in penang excluded jeff. They are Nicholash and Adrain.
We rest at mcd and me and lin yun are going back to kampar(dead town) at 6.30pm.
I pass by this when is on the way back. I wish to meal here leh, but not enough time ~ Soda green first 签名会 at malaysia is outside the main entrance of gurney.Went to eat the famous cendol in Penang. nicee niceee~woah~ puah chu kang~They say the asam laksa not really famous at there but somehow i feel not bad too~ lolsThe number one clubbing in penang road. =XAlot clubbing here , i forgot what's the street name. This is the most beautiful clubbing around all of this.
And my new friends are buying their flipper ~
The last food that i had in penang. Ai yu Bing~
Take photo with them in Feri and one more new friend is sleeping inside the car . =.=
Before i end this post, i would like to share out what's i bought in penang. A purple hoodies jacket and a singlet from foc.
I bought a wallet to my dad. Hope he will like it. =)
P/s: thank you jeff for being our tour guide this few days.
p/s:Will update my birthday post on tmr.

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