Monday, September 20, 2010

Mouldy week

Guess what, i reached Kampar yesterday night(around 8pm something).Before that, when the clock shows 4, i need to go KL SENTRAL by KTM and the journey is about 45 minutes to reach there.Yeah, when i just reach ktm station and m going to buy the ticket at counter, the train just "ran off". I am searching for Lin Yun , I scared she is waiting me at the opposite side and i though i am late. But luckily, she is not there yet and i no need to rush to the opposite side with my HEAVY baggage. I am so boring there, so i take out my "Lauya" phone to take photo. The surrounding of Telok Gadung train station. Lols
I am so boringgggggggggggggggggggggggg.XD
The wind blow hardly, and i feel so comfortable when it "hit" on my face.

I am going FGO office to register my Lan subject for this 3 month later. And my six sense tells me, the time table will not release on this week, and i will mouldy in this week. Hey! Utarians, please call me out for some activities, i am not going to get mouldy in Kampar. Sobs =(

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