Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crazy shopping

Yeah, i am going out "wet" again yesterday. The purpose of going times square is collect loud fest asia ticket from my friend, and of course i won't run the opportunity to shopping since i am going back to kampar today and no shopping centre but Tesco which located at there only. I wish i got a unlimited credit card, so i no need to worry about my pocket. =( i need money so badly !!Lee lian cannot join me because of the exam, and thank you wan xuan because she accompany me to go there.Billion of thanks!
Photo of us in Monorail.

The main entrance of time square, alot people Q-ing up to play games to win the prize. Actually i wanted to play the games because the prize is so interesting, but then i give up because The q is so long, as long as SNAKE.
Bought auntie anne's to eat and Starbuck green tea latte too. =) I like to spend my money like this ,that's why my pocket always like that. LOL.
Green Tea Latte. If chloe saw this, i dare to say that she is jealousing me now. Muahahaa.
and..what's next? I saw this when shopping. Chloe, you should buy this purse leh.

Bought two shirt and one short pants in a day and the price is damn bloody cheap~(Hock: I bought it already. Next time can wear it when go starbuck lim teh.)
Of course, a purse too!A bag Three!
Last but not least, I wanna say billions of thanks to Eden, thanks for giving me the ticket. I'll enjoy my concert at auto city. =)

-M going back to kampar later 6pm. See you around, my friends.Muacks!

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